Reiki in Oklahoma City

Committed to her students, Cindy has taught all levels of Reiki just over 30 times to about 40 students since Sept, 2008.  Cindy believes in the power of groups, so she prefers to teach Reiki in groups of 3-8 students.  The dynamics change when there are 3 or more, and the students benefit significantly bonding with others and practicing Reiki together and going to Reiki shares.  Cindy believes that by participating in the group classes, more students commit and finish as Reiki Masters.      

You can host a class, or you can contact Cindy to be placed on a list for her next class, which she will have when there are 3 or more students available.  Please note that prices below do not include traveling expenses.  Prices will be adjusted accordingly.  

The Reiki I Class explains what Reiki is and is not, goes over the levels of Reiki, history of Usui Reiki, how to perform Reiki, etc., and discloses 1 Reiki symbol and its meaning.  There is also an attunement given by the Reiki Master, and the class includes one hour of practice. A manual is provided which is used for Reiki I and II and ART (Advanced Reiki Training). The cost includes the manual.  This class is 3-4 hours.

Cost is $133 and includes the manual

The Reiki II Class opens with students sharing their experiences with Reiki since the first class, asking questions, etc.  A discussion follows about Reiki as a practice earning extra income follows, ways to use Reiki in your life, and Karuna Reiki®, etc.  Two more Reiki symbols are disclosed, practiced, and discussed.  Then the Reiki Master gives each student an attunement for Reiki II. Practicing Reiki follows for an hour or more and includes some additional Reiki techniques.  This class is 3-4 hours.

Cost is $155

Advanced Reiki Training Class, the next level, reveals the last Reiki symbol—unless one chooses to become a teacher of Reiki.  This class includes discussion about other forms of Reiki used in Japan, using Reiki to clear the aura for self and others, and more. Of course, the class includes the attunement and time for practice.  This class is usually 3-4 hours.

Cost is $211

Reiki Master Class comes with a manual, reveals the whole attunement process for each level, including preparation of room and self, additional Tibetan symbols used, and lots of practice doing the attunements. There is also discussion about values and spiritual qualities of a Reiki Master.  This class takes 6-8 hours.

Cost is $333 and includes the manual

The classes can be combined over a weekend (or part of one) as follows:  Reiki I and II and then ART and Master. 

I was like the walking dead: roaming the land, empty and without purpose. Then I was persuaded to meet with Cindy Finley at her Transform Your Soul Center, and my whole world changed for the better! At first I was reluctant and skeptical. After all, there was nothing wrong with me, I thought. Everyone seemed as angry as I was. Who cares? Cindy cares. And gradually over time, as she listened to me, and I completed her homework (oh yes! If you want your life to change for the better, there will be work.) – like an onion, layers of indignation that I had unknowingly carried inside of myself for years began to fall away. Now at 46 years of age, I feel good inside, you know? I feel young at heart; a peace in my mind, in my body and in my spirit. I wake up and look forward to the day again. I have a bright future now that I have released the past. Very simply: I know Cindy Finley can help you see through all the smoke and mirrors, and help you hear that small voice in your heart that only wants to express love. Greg M
Through challenging events in mine and my kids’ life, we were introduced to transform your soul, more specifically Cindy. Our lives were so significantly impacted by her that we have found joy, peace, love, and more importantly ourselves again. Thank you for all that you have done for us. Amy M-H
Cindy is a great counselor and mentor.  She is understanding and never judges.  I am now 25 and met Cindy when I was 14.  I got my high school diploma and now go to college.  I have better relationships with people now.  All of this is because of Cindy because I did not have family support like many.  Thank you, Cindy.  You have helped me to be a better me! By the way, she gave me several Soul Readings over the years, and they were always right on target.  She would pick up on feelings and thoughts that I was not telling her. Her readings brought a better understanding so I could make better choices. Jamie T.
Finding Reiki and meeting Cindy has been a wonderful joy.  Both have enriched my life with new understanding... Cindy has been an excellent teacher and mentor through my learning of Reiki... just the right amount of time to learn material and ask questions.  She has always given of herself to make sure if I was lost or confused about anything, she was available to help me work it out....  I have seen amazing results since adding Reiki to my massage therapy!  Muscles relax faster and a whole body calm down is achieved with Reiki.  Emotional healing can be brought to light, too, and allows the client and practitioner understand why some physical hurts are still lingering.... Reiki allows for faster emotional release; thereby, giving the client a balanced healing with an all around better outcome with each session.  Using Reiki, I find trouble areas faster and understand how to help heal the area and give the client better education to help prevent or avoid injury to the body.  I feel very satisfied with my studies and certificates in Reiki and know that Cindy's future students will be as happy and fulfilled as I am! Dana R.
Cindy Finley is one of my favorite teachers of the Healing Arts. She manages to cover the material thoroughly, while still making it fun and entertaining! DeeDee
I am a student of Cindy's and thanks to her and a soul retrieval that she did for me I am now enjoying life for the first time ever. Janette
Cindy Finley is a Healer from Heaven!! She has been a God-send to me.  The last session with her was a life changing experience. Following a recent divorce, other family issues, the loss of my Father, coupled with my own health issues I knew that I had emotional issues to deal with.  I wanted to do this without mainstream medical help and the dangerous side effects which comes with that system.  Cindy helped me release my anger and put a smile back on my face.  Cindy's Reiki and energy work along with her ability to use spiritual counseling is phenomenal!!  When you have a treatment with Cindy for the first time, you will feel like like you have made a new friend.  Cindy's treatments are not only effective, but also affordable.  I would strongly encourage anyone with emotional or physical issues visit Cindy. Roger W., OKC
that she did for me I am now enjoying life for the first time ever. I am a student of Cindy's and thanks to her and a soul retrieval Janette, OKC
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