Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Life Coach

Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Life Coach

Cindy will help you get “unstuck”.  She will help you develop life skills that make you successful.  She will help you improve your decision-making skills, communication skills, or conflict resolution skills.  Many people cannot even recognize their feelings or belief systems that keep them in the same unhealthy patterns, and Cindy helps you become aware of these.  Together with Cindy, you will discover and develop new thought patterns and new ways to deal with the feelings. Then you will be able to see new options for what you want to change about yourself.

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  • Transform Your Soul Center (TYSC) now offering free education classes …

    All healing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually uses the body as the conduit for this healing.  These bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and it is all spiritual) are integrated and connected in such a way that if one is out of balance, the others are affected significantly, whether we see it or not.  In 2013 Cindy was […]

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  • Spiritual Activations from Kenji Kumara offered at TYS Center (2013)

    These were offered summer 2013.  If you are interested in experiencing these activations, please contact Cindy.  She will offer again when there is interest! Cindy purchased a package of various spiritual activations led by Kenji Kumara.  He has devoted more than 40 years to study and research on spiritual transformations.  His work is called Quantum […]

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  • Discovering Your Purpose

    Some think that finding your purpose will be a hard task. Others think a series of steps given in a book will get you there. And yet others think it will just “show up” one day. Then there is that group who has known since childhood what their lot in life would be. The truth […]

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  • How Healing Works

    Sometimes healing is spontaneous, and sometimes it is a process. Sometimes we get to choose which way it will happen, and at other times, we do not. For example, she has many friends who are classified as “sensitives,” and she is also a “sensitive” person. People who are “sensitives” feel what other people are feeling. […]

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  • How To Clear Your House Of Unwanted Energy

    Cindy thinks that you should set your intention about what kind of energy you want to feel from your house.  Since everything has a vibration to it, then what kind of vibration do you want others to feel when they enter your home?  Many people want to have their house blessed when they first move […]

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I was like the walking dead: roaming the land, empty and without purpose. Then I was persuaded to meet with Cindy Finley at her Transform Your Soul Center, and my whole world changed for the better! At first I was reluctant and skeptical. After all, there was nothing wrong with me, I thought. Everyone seemed as angry as I was. Who cares? Cindy cares. And gradually over time, as she listened to me, and I completed her homework (oh yes! If you want your life to change for the better, there will be work.) – like an onion, layers of indignation that I had unknowingly carried inside of myself for years began to fall away. Now at 46 years of age, I feel good inside, you know? I feel young at heart; a peace in my mind, in my body and in my spirit. I wake up and look forward to the day again. I have a bright future now that I have released the past. Very simply: I know Cindy Finley can help you see through all the smoke and mirrors, and help you hear that small voice in your heart that only wants to express love. Greg M
Through challenging events in mine and my kids’ life, we were introduced to transform your soul, more specifically Cindy. Our lives were so significantly impacted by her that we have found joy, peace, love, and more importantly ourselves again. Thank you for all that you have done for us. Amy M-H
Cindy is a great counselor and mentor.  She is understanding and never judges.  I am now 25 and met Cindy when I was 14.  I got my high school diploma and now go to college.  I have better relationships with people now.  All of this is because of Cindy because I did not have family support like many.  Thank you, Cindy.  You have helped me to be a better me! By the way, she gave me several Soul Readings over the years, and they were always right on target.  She would pick up on feelings and thoughts that I was not telling her. Her readings brought a better understanding so I could make better choices. Jamie T.
Finding Reiki and meeting Cindy has been a wonderful joy.  Both have enriched my life with new understanding... Cindy has been an excellent teacher and mentor through my learning of Reiki... just the right amount of time to learn material and ask questions.  She has always given of herself to make sure if I was lost or confused about anything, she was available to help me work it out....  I have seen amazing results since adding Reiki to my massage therapy!  Muscles relax faster and a whole body calm down is achieved with Reiki.  Emotional healing can be brought to light, too, and allows the client and practitioner understand why some physical hurts are still lingering.... Reiki allows for faster emotional release; thereby, giving the client a balanced healing with an all around better outcome with each session.  Using Reiki, I find trouble areas faster and understand how to help heal the area and give the client better education to help prevent or avoid injury to the body.  I feel very satisfied with my studies and certificates in Reiki and know that Cindy's future students will be as happy and fulfilled as I am! Dana R.
Cindy Finley is one of my favorite teachers of the Healing Arts. She manages to cover the material thoroughly, while still making it fun and entertaining! DeeDee
I am a student of Cindy's and thanks to her and a soul retrieval that she did for me I am now enjoying life for the first time ever. Janette
Cindy Finley is a Healer from Heaven!! She has been a God-send to me.  The last session with her was a life changing experience. Following a recent divorce, other family issues, the loss of my Father, coupled with my own health issues I knew that I had emotional issues to deal with.  I wanted to do this without mainstream medical help and the dangerous side effects which comes with that system.  Cindy helped me release my anger and put a smile back on my face.  Cindy's Reiki and energy work along with her ability to use spiritual counseling is phenomenal!!  When you have a treatment with Cindy for the first time, you will feel like like you have made a new friend.  Cindy's treatments are not only effective, but also affordable.  I would strongly encourage anyone with emotional or physical issues visit Cindy. Roger W., OKC
that she did for me I am now enjoying life for the first time ever. I am a student of Cindy's and thanks to her and a soul retrieval Janette, OKC
Learn How To Clear Your House of Unwanted Energy
  • What to open first when clearing a house.
  • How many times you should do each action.
  • What tools are important for a clearing.
  • A surprising seasoning can provide protection.
  • How to incorporate sound into the clearing.
Everything has vibration to it,. What kind of vibration do you want others to feel when they enter your home.